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Bring IT can help you move your System into the cloud.

Is your current IT providers head in the cloud? If not your with the wrong provider.

Here at Bring IT we have certainly have our heads in the cloud. We heavily utilize Microsoft’s cloud environment called Azure for hosting Servers, Web Apps

for your business.

The reason why we use Azure:

-       Fast server setup

-       Fast Connectivity

-       Scalability is second to none.

-       Data Backup and Restore.

-       Realtime Costs.

Let us help you move your Servers, Data, and Phone System into the cloud. Its a lot easier then you think.

Here at Bring IT we use Microsoft Azure for our own business. So we know the benefits it will bring to your own business.  

Let us help you do the same for your business and enable your clients the same level of performance and security.


Flexibility and Scalability

Moving your business into the cloud allows for a high level of flexibility. You can now stretch resources and capacity to the demands of your business and scale up and easily scale down.


Security and Compliance

With your business data hosted in the cloud you can be rest assured your data is protected.

No longer do you need to do manual backups and bother with buying and securing backup tapes. This is now done automatically. As part of our compliance tasks we test your back ups every quarter.


Cost Effective

No longer do you have to spend 10 of thousands of dollars upfront buying servers and keeping them in a costly data centre.

You only pay for resources that your business need. Build Servers from $200 a month.



Rest Assured Microsoft spend billions in making there Azure Environment super-fast and future proof. It just makes sense to move your servers and data into the Microsoft cloud environment.

Contact our team to see how you move your Servers, Data, and Phone System into the cloud.

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What our Clients have said

Bring IT has successfully built a new internal IT Team at the same time implemented new security technology and procedures as per our Adecco Global requirements. Ishaaq managed to get this done in time and within budget.

Teresa Moore, CEO
Adecco New Zealand

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